Nurse calling system

Each wireless nurse caller system can be tailored to your continually changing needs, requirements and budgets. We offer a wide range of bespoke solutions and products designed specifically to meet the needs of the nursing homes, private hospitals, care groups, sheltered accommodation and care homes.

We are Nepalese Technology Designer and developer of most demanded need, We convert your need in to solution via wireless technology.

Wireless nurse caller combines maximum safety and staff efficiency with the latest technology to bring you our most advanced wireless nurse call system at a price to suit you.

So, if you are looking for a wireless nurse caller system solution that offers total patient safety, don’t take the risk, talk to us first.

If you’re looking after older patients or those suffering from a long-term health problems, with Wireless nurse caller you can be sure that trained staff are on hand to help in the event of an emergency. Wireless nurse call systems are reassuring and can help your patients to lead a more independent lifestyle. We are a leading supplier of various wireless security related technologies providing a range of professional wireless nurse caller systems for the healthcare industry. We have the ability to tailor each system to suit individual requirements and needs, as well as working to your organization’s budget.

An easy to operate wall-mounted or bedside control can be tailored to suit individual requirements and will not interfere with other equipment. In the event of an emergency, one press of the button will notify nursing staff that the patient requires assistance, meaning that a care worker or nurse can be with the patient immediately.

Safe, lightweight and easy to use, our Wireless nurse call systems come with a dedicated frequency channel.

A team of professional and technical consultants and engineers ensure that our nurse call systems are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving your patients peace of mind and allowing you to maintain the most efficient care service to all of your patients.

Wireless nurse caller systems are particularly beneficial in a healthcare environment, alerting staff instantly and allowing them to respond in the most efficient way to any situation. So if you would like to know more about how Wireless nurse caller systems can help you and your organization, contact us directly

Key Features

·         Wireless button design easily placed on any wall surface

·         High sensitivity wireless, signal range reaches up to 500 meters

·         Volume adjustment for daytime and night time dual mode

·         Provide 4 types of tones to select from

·         High performance and stability of wireless connection with anti-interferon technology

·         Elegant appearance and elaborate gloss finishing

o    Programmed servicing and reduced running costs

o    Extended life expectancy of the system

o    No maintenance of system by user (All transmitter batteries changed annually)

o    All faulty products replaced new for old within 48 hours.

o    Out of hours visits are available at extra charge and are subject to engineer availability.

o    Repairs arising through misuse, physical damage or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel.

o    Battery replacements.

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