Wireless Security System

Wireless Security System दिनदिनै बढेको चोरी, लुटपाटको सिकारमा तपाईं हामी अछुतो रहन सकेका छैनौ । कुनै न कुनै बेला यस्ता घटना हुने डरले डराउनुपर्ने स्थिती छैन अब । चाहे राती पसल चोरी गर्न लागोस्, चाहे दिनदहाडै लुटपाट गर्न लागोस्, तपाईलाई कुनै क्षति गर्न नपाउँदै पुलिसमा खबर पुग्छ अब । अमेरिका लगायत विश्वका विकसित देशहरुमा प्रयोग भइरहेको यो प्रविधि Passive IR Motion Sensor मा आधारित छ ।
यसका remote detectors  हरुले कुनै कोठा, या यसको सुरक्षा क्षेत्रमा विना सूचना कुनै मानिस प्रवेश गर्यो भने, तुरुन्त main unit लाई खवर दिन्छ र यसले तुरुन्तै त्यस क्षेत्रमा ठूलो साइरन बजाइदिन्छ, साथसाथै ५ वटा सम्म नंबरहरुमा तुरुन्त फोन गरिदिन्छ, जहाँबाट हामीले record गरेको voice संपूर्ण नं हरुमा message rely गरिदिन्छ जसको सहायताले हामी जहाँसुकै भए तापनि आफ्नो संपत्तिको रक्षाको लागि सुचित हुन्छौं । ५ नंबरहरुमद्दे सुरक्षा अंगको पनि एउटा नं हाल्न सकिन्छ । प्रविधि प्रयोग गर्न अब ढिला गर्ने बेला छैन । के थाहा घटना कहिले हुन्छ तर यो सिस्टम राखेपछि घटना हुनु अघावै घटना थाहा पाउने भाग्यमानी बन्नुहुनेछ ।
यसका विशेषताहरु ः
• Detector / main unit  वीच wireless सम्पर्क हुने ।
• तार प्रयोग नहुनाले घरको डेकोरेसनमा कुनै प्रभाव नपर्ने ।
• रिमोट कन्ट्रोलबाट १०० मिटर टाढाबाट सम्म सिस्टम अन र अफ गर्न सकिने ।
• मोबाइल फोन र अन्य फोनबाट विश्वभरी जुनसुकै ठाउँबाट पनि घरको सिस्टम Active र Deactive गर्न सकिने ।
• एउटा सिस्टममा २४ वटा सम्म sensor हरु राख्न सकिने ।
• Emergency zone  सँधै Active हुने कुनै खतरा परेमा वा top secure place मा मानिस पसेमा जुनसुकैै अवस्थामा भएपनि system alert हुने ।
• System alert भएपछि लगातार ५ वटासम्म नं हरुमा फोन गर्ने ।
• फोन लाइन काटेमा तुरुन्तै Beep संकेत दिने ।
• २० सेकेण्डसम्मको emergency voice record गर्न सकिने ।
• Detector फुटाएमा वा क्षति पार्ने कोसिश गरेमा तुरुन्त साइरन बजाउने, फोन गर्ने लगायतका संपूर्ण कामहरु गर्ने ।
• बत्ति गएमा ब्याट्रीबाट काम गर्ने ।
• ब्याट्री कम भएमा तुरुन्त खबर गर्ने ।
• आवश्यकता अनुसार घर, पसल, अफिस, बैंक फाइनान्स, कोलनीहरु संपूर्ण ठाउँहरुमा लगाउन सकिने ।
• थप साइरन जोड्न मिल्ने, आबश्यकता अनुसार volume थप घट गर्न मिल्ने ।
• विद्युत शक्ति एकदम कम खपत गर्ने ।
• सानो ठाउँमा अट्ने भएकाले सिस्टमकोे बारेमा बाहिरका व्यक्तिहरुले थाहा पाउन नसक्ने ।

We are glad to lunch a Wireless security system first time in Nepal. This do-it-yourself Voice Dialer Security System calls your cell phone, office, police station etc while anyone make unauthorized entry within the protected area. It's the perfect security system for banks, finance, office, stores, warehouses, housing etc. The system has three way protections (flashing lights, screaming siren and automatic dialing to the concern persons or security personnel.)

When an alarm is triggered, the Alarm System will sound a built-in 85dB siren, optional extra-loud sirens inside or outside, and also calls up to five telephone numbers of your choice. It then plays a 20 seconds message that you record and allows the person receiving the call to listen in.

The system will continue dialing until the person receiving the call enters. (In the recording you should say something like (this is Mr Shailendra’s Security system, there has been a security alert, please come to help us or press 4# to acknowledge and listen in after this beep.) Answering machines will not fool it.
Easy installation without tools or wiring! Simply plug it in. All the sensors are complete wireless and security coded. This security system monitors up to 24 different detectors or zones. Each detectors have it’s self defending system if someone tries to make any damage (break, system off), the alarm host will detect automatically.

-Complete and wireless system
-No security codes to memorize
-Automatically dials five phone numbers to your choice
-Shares your existing phone line
-Pet allowance up to 18 kg of weight or 2 feet of height

This alarm has most of the same options you find in those professional systems used in developed countries like USA, Japan, UK etc. If you use the remote it will instantly arm much like a car alarm. If using telephone you will have to dial password numbers to enter in to the system.


1) High sensitive and strong anti-interference.
2) Without installation of wires and cables, wireless transmitter and wireless   receiver. Wireless detectors and remote controllers can be re-programmable. It is easy to expand. 8 zones without hassle of wiring.
3)  Eight defense zones model, 4 wire and 4 wireless defense zones, eight LED matches eight defense zones, LED will    flash when alarm triggered. User can separately arm disarm for certain zones.
4)  Built-in 20 second re-writable voice tag. That is transmitted to the informing telephone numbers when alarm is triggered. It contains the information about situation of office and the proper location.
5)  Auto-call pre-programmed telephone numbers consecutively with a recorded message when alarm is triggered. The system is compatible DTMF (Double Tone Multi Frequency) and Pulse.  It is also with dialing pause function to work over PAX. The system can preset 5 groups telephone number, 2 groups telephone number for managing alarm center and 1 group telephone number for power state. Times of circularly dial can be re-programmable.
6)  Two alarm models for user's option, mute alarm and audible alarm on the spot. Mute Alarm is useful for Manual Triggering system when loot, riot, happens.
7) Arm/disarm the main panel by password is at user's option.
8) With independent key-chain remote controls, through them users can arm, disarm and emergency alarm fall.
9) Separately arm/disarm for certain zones.
10)  Manual Panic Button can be set. Urgent help function available for 24 hours a day whether the main panel is in armed / disarmed condition. This function can be widely  used  in Cash counter i.e. banks finance, Money Changer, Hotels, Shopping Centre etc.
11)  Self-alarm when telephone cable is disconnected or destroyed. It audits the phone line automatically, the system will send the rapidly   indicator alarm sound while the phone is cut.
12)  Add or reduce additional spare parts to the main panel is according to user’s option using Dynamic Software
13)  With back-up rechargeable battery, it can continue to supply power for 36 hours when power is failure.
14) World wide controlling access via telephone.
Can finish functions settings through the telephone keyboard on the main panel, no need to use PCs, for general Command.
15)  Both alarm host and infrared sensor have Anti-dismantle function, the host will self-alarm when its cover destroyed whether the system is armed or not.
 16) Entry time, leaving time and alarm time can be re-programmable. Emergency zone also can be defined.
17)  Remotely monitor on-site sound, Arm/Disarm, startup on-site alarm sound and replay pre-recorded voice are available by processing alarm phone or through dialing the telephone to the host.
18)  Lower power indicator for detectors and main units. It also sends the telephone alarm when the detector and main unit power is in low and the AC power is in cut-off.
19)  Widely used at home, shop, school, hospital, factory, warehouse, bank, Finance Government offices.
20)  The   system provides one group AC220V1A normal open output and one group   AC220V1A normal close output for other device. Additional, the system   provides one group external siren output.


Keychain Remote - lets you conveniently arm, disarm and make emergency   siren fall.
Motion Detector - protects an area where an intruder might enter but it is so intelligent that allows your pets (dog, Cat) to come in.

Plug'n Power Compatible Design - lets you add a total of 24 wireless      sensor transmitters, motion detectors, and other accessories to customize your home security system.                           

Supervised Operation - keeps track of each wireless sensor transmitter's status and alerts concerned technician from phone call if there is a problem (such as a dismantle or a low battery).

Built-In Telephone Voice Dialer - dials five different numbers like friend neighbor or direct to police and plays back your recorded message.

Technical Specification of product

1. Tele Secure User alarm host.

Voltage: AC220V +10%50Hz
Current: Standby current≤ 35mA, alarm Current≤ 350mA.
Environment: -10degree-50degree Celsius.
Dial model: DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi Frequency) 
Pulse speed: 10+1 PPS
Pulse Ratio: 2:3
Resistance ≤ 300 Ohms
Wireless receiving distance ≥ 100 m
Wireless receiving frequency: 315 MHZ
Alarm Voice: 80 dB within 1.5m
Size: 197x126x36 mm.

2. Tele Secure Wireless passive Infrared Detector

Voltage: 4Nos AAA Battery.
Standby current: ≤50 mA
Alarm current: ≤20mA
Emitting power: ≥100mW
Infrared Detective Distance: 6-10 m, up and down60 degree
       Right and left 110 degree.
Size: 55x90x38 mm.

3. Tele Secure Wireless Door Sensor

Voltage: 12v
Standby current: ≤5mA.
Alarm current: ≤16.5mA.
Emitting power: ≥10mW.
Size: 33x63x16 mm.

4. Tele Secure Wireless Remote Controller

Voltage: 12V
Standby current: 5mA
Alarm current: ≤ 13.5mA
Emitting power: ≥ 10 mW

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