Company Profile

Technology Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a Research based trading and manufacturing company, initiated a decade ago and formally established in 2006. It is a joint effort of professional management of K.B. Bhandari and young twin researchers Ram – Laxman Rimals. The Company is involved in promoting new and innovative technology in Nepal. The organization develops innovative products to enhance the quality of life of the people in the country. We are highly sensitive towards excellent customer service, pioneering technology, creativity, integrity and social responsibilities.

To place oneself firmly among the leaders in south Asia region in the field of security-based products. To be a major Researcher and seller of time demanded technologies in security equipments. We have well equipped workplace located in central Kathmandu Lainchour.

Current Activities

We are currently a Private Limited Company located at the heart of capital city Katmandu. Nepal is currently facing various problems related to security issues like theft and loot. Emerging innovative ideas from twin young researcher Ram and Laxman, we are now developing and selling wireless Automatic Door and Access Control System, Home Automatic Door and Access Control System, Amazing Wireless Community Siren, GPS System, Door Access Systems etc.

We have a healthy mix of people from Engineering, Human relation, Education, Law and Media who are constantly putting their efforts to build a new product, along with sustainable investment in infrastructure valuable to the whole community.

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